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What's New
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2017/11/01 We have added a new customizable UI element, which can have its own HTML code, styles and built-in JavaScript functions.

2017/05/05 PROCE55 Mobile is optimally designed to control Arduino - the most popular open source eletronic prototyping platform. We have prepared the necessary components which allow you to communicate with any Arduino application in both directions. You can e.g. read the sensor/pin data, work with the data in context of a mobile application and control the connected devices from your mobile phone. This functionality will be realeased soon along with examples and documentation.

2017/03/15 The PROCE55 Modeler has been extended with a possibility of live simulation. You can check the functionality of your mobile app directly in modeler. It is now possible to check the backend integration before deploying to actual mobile devices.

2016/12/11 PROCE55 Mobile has been extended with a possibility of defining custom service call templates. This enabled mobile apps to make customized service calls and SQL gateway calls.

2016/11/20 PROCE55 Mobile now allows to define and execute custom JavaScript functions directly in PROCE55 client device apps. This allows for advanced processing of data on the client side.

2016/09/15 Windows 10 Phone version of the PROCE55 Mobile client application has been released.

2016/07/22 Android version of the PROCE55 Mobile client application has been released.

2016/06/15 We have launched our Facebook page, which is being regularly updated with the latest news, info, demos and videos. Make sure you give it a like to receive all the posts.

2016/05/09 New visual elements added to PROCE55® Mobile applications cover image processing scenarios such as taking and loading pictures, hand drawing into images (signatures, markups and annotations) and transporting the imagery between mobile devices and back-ends.

2016/05/01 PROCE55® Mobile applications have been updated with features providing secure communication with back-end services. This includes HTTPS (TLS) communication with certificate checking and customizable authorization tokens (with SHA-256 capability) sent with each service call.

2016/04/11 East-Gate has released PROCE55® Mobile, the integrated software environment enabling creation of mobile processes which can access the data and control the transactions in back-end systems. It can be used for mobilization of business-critical processes with seamless integration with professional Enterprise Information Systems like SAP®.


PROCE55® is based on the experience which East Gate® acquired in challenging process automation and system integration projects in large manufacturing industries across the Western and Eastern Europe. Using PROCE55® you can achieve quick wins and real improvement of process performance in context of complex mission-critical processes.




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