PROCE55 Integration

Today, in the interconnected world people need information to get knowledge and act anytime and anywhere. This can be accomplished by mobile application based on PROCE55® Mobile which is integrated with the back-end services and data. In fact, you can abstract the world information system as consisting of two main components: Back End Super System […]

Defining conditions

Simple conditions can be inserted into any action flow to stop the execution if the condition expression evaluates to false. If such a condition expression returns false, the action flow stops the execution and shows a warning dialog with a text message defined in the condition element. The condition expression can be a complex string […]

Creating a simple app

Creating a simple app using PROCE55 Mobile is easy and it takes about 15 minutes to complete including the installation of the app on your mobile device. The minimum requirement is to download and install the PROCE55 Modeler for Windows (you can do it now). Create a simple mobile app following these steps:   You […]

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