Using variables

Every user interface (UI) element (text label, text input, button, etc.) is automatically assigned a variable name, so that it is possible to modify the element properties and use its value in various system actions. For example, the first text input on the screen s1 would be named as s1_i1 (= sreen 1, input 1), […]

Screen navigation

Every PROCE55 app consists of several screens. By default there are minimum of two screens: ‘initial’ and ‘s1’. The initial screen is where the app starts processing. It contains a single button marked as ‘[x] Auto-click’, which means it is ‘clicked’ automatically by the engine, taking the screen navigation to the button’s target screen (‘s1’ […]

System actions

System actions can modify user interface element properties and perform various simple tasks such as scanning bar codes, showing messages or adding rows to tables. System actions usually have at least one parameter (e.g. a name of the screen element to be modified). This is the current list of all system actions: Exit Exit the […]

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