PROCE55 Mobile client apps can be downloaded from a platform-specific app store (for Android, iOS and Windows 10). They are installed once and used for all the apps you create and deploy to mobile devices.

Client apps work as a native web-based client applications able to process many different PROCE55 apps you publish using the PROCE55 Modeler. Each PROCE55 app you create will work and look the same on all mobile platforms (Android, iOS and Windows 10) without the Internet or network connection (except for the cases where you call network services from your PROCE55 app).

Once you import some PROCE55 apps to your PROCE55 client application, it resides there in the list of imported apps and can be executed at any time. It is also possible to navigate from one PROCE55 app to another PROCE55 app directly, using the JumpToApp system action.

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